A diary of flares should be written to report everything that has been ingested during the 24 hours prior to a flare. You must write down EVERYTHING you have eaten and drunk (including drugs), even if it is something you eat or drink every day. Your healthcare professional will know how to weigh the importance of those data.

Please, keep in mind that urticaria caused by food or drugs occur in acute, but not in chronic urticaria.

Below, please find an example to help you to make your DIARY OF FLARES:

October 18th – I woke up with an urticaria flare→take notes of everything that happened in the previous 24 hours.

October 17th:

  • Breakfast: brown bread, cream cheese, coffee.
  • Morning snack: banana; I ate 2 strawberry candies.
  • Lunch: rice, beans, lettuce/tomato salad, grilled chicken (seasoned with processed complete seasoning). Natural orange juice. Lemon jelly for dessert.
  • Afternoon snack: natural yogurt.
  • Dinner: pepperoni pizza and a soda (guaraná). I had a headache at night; so, I took dipyrone drops.