UAS (Urticaria activity score) is a useful score for doctors to have a better perception of how urticaria flares behave. It is also useful for checking if the prescribed therapy is working as expected. This score assesses the number of bump (lesions) and the level of pruritus (itching) in a given day.

The UAS-7 is usually employed, which takes 7 consecutive days (one week) into account. The patient must take daily notes, for 7 days, about how his/her itching is like and how many lesions there are.

In a one day, the score may range from 0 to 6, and from 0 to 42 in one week.

Next, we show a score of one day, and also a template table for 1-week scoring. You may print it, fill it in on a daily basis, and take with you to the medical appointment. This will help with your doctor’s assessment.

UAS – Urticaria Activity Score¹

Score Number of wheals (welts) that appear in the skin in 24 hours Pruritus (itching) in the last 24 hours
00 none none
01 less than 20 wheals in 24 hours Mild (present, but not bothering)
02 from 20-50 wheals in 24 hours Moderate (bothers, but does not interfere in the normal daily activity or in sleep)
03 more than 50 wheals in 24 hours or large areas that attach Severe (severe pruritus, bothers a lot in a way to interfere in the normal daily activities or in sleep)

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